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Harven up your skills!

April 09, 2018

Looking ways to improve your skills? Stand out? and bolster your resume? Join us for our series of training modules! Four consecutive weeks of skill enhancement and education! All sessions include hands-on training! 

Find and Remind

January 01, 2020

FIND and REMIND: Tips for switching shifts. At Coffee Connection, we work hard AND we work smart. So check it out, your mother’s brother’s uncle’s cousin is having a basket weaving contest at the crack of dawn and you want to attend, BUT oh snap, you’re scheduled to open that morning. Dang it. You’re like the best of the best when it comes to early morning basket weaving, so you’re not gonna miss this chance to shine. So you do the following:

*look at the schedule

*FIND someone who is 1)qualified to work your shift 2) who isn’t working 6 days in a row 3)who may owe you a favor  and 4) which of their shifts you are willing to trade

*then you text that person and strike up a deal, and once negotiations have ended 

*you text BF with the plan for approval

*she says YES because she rarely says no

*you do the happy dance because you know you’re gonna shine at the basket weaving contest BUT WAIT

*you realize that not everyone has as good a memory as you and you decide to REMIND that person frequently to show up on that special date. 

So how do we switch shifts effectively? FIND someone, get approval and REMIND. 

FIND and REMIND. So easy. You’re welcome.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

January 01, 2020

Let's face it, job performance matters. Whether your manager is looking or not, how you do your job, reflects who you are. Does messy and sluggish reflect your work ethic? Maybe neat and clean are not the best descriptions either, but when it comes to job performance, you should always put your best foot forward. Check out these top 5 traits that increase your ability to do YOUR job better, whether here at Coffee Connection, or your next venture!


1. Teachability: Are you set in your ways? Or are you teachable? Having the ability to learn keeps your skill set fluid and growing. And you won't be able to do your job effectively if you just simply cannot learn how to do it. Being a know it all, can only take you far, but keeping an open mind and a willingness to learn makes you teachable and keep-able! Is that a word?! :) Struggling with teachability? You must approach your job with the idea that there is still so much to learn. Make a list of things pertinent to your job that interest you, research those topics, incorporate them into your skill set. Make a list of questions you have about your job--make sure it's something you have not been taught before ;) and ask your manager to teach you more about that subject. I have no doubt you will be teachable in due time!


2. Industrious: Are you diligent and hardworking? Industrious people are dependable and reliable. They follow through, pay attention to details and plan and organize the tasks that need to get done. And then, they DO them. Utilizing lists and a system of checks and balances, industrious people have top notch job performance because they see themselves as capable of completing their job duties. Looking to be more industrious? Set small goals, complete them and celebrate. For example, a small goal might look like this "I am going to stamp 100 cups this afternoon." When you hit that goal, tell someone, or make it point to affirm yourself. Celebrate the small accomplishments, as you get faster they add up to a job well done at the end of the evening.


3. Team Player: Are you a team player or do you prefer to be front and center? Team players are great at their jobs because they see the value in the collective participation of all other employees. Team players grasp the idea that working together as a team brings success for all. Team players are cooperative, diplomatic with conflict and tactful. Team players make great candidates for management positions--hint hint. Struggling with being a team player? The first step to being a team player is re-orientating your attitude. Resist the "me" mindset and challenge yourself with the "us". Ask questions like "How does my job performance affect the team?" "How do I show my team members that I appreciate them?" Second, acknowledge the ways your team members help you "I like it when Bob takes down the chairs and lays out the carpet, that way I don't have to worry about it in the morning!" Third, encourage one another, when your team member does a great job---tell them! Regardless of whether or not you received a compliment--be sure to build others up. And when appropriate, constructive criticism trumps back biting, gossip and anger. Challenge yourself, I know you can do it!


4. Adaptability: Are you adaptable or do you resist change? People who are adaptable have the ability to work through transition and change while maintaining their successful job performance. Adaptable people can make it through leadership changes, schedule changes, staff changes and procedural changes without incident. If you're looking to become more adaptable, challenge yourself with growth opportunities---read a book that you might normally not choose, try a new restaurant without previewing the menu, take a road trip to a new location. When ever a challenge presents itself, whether a new idea, a new food or a flat tire, imagine yourself "dealing" with it. Don't whine, don't complain, and don't give up! 


5. Integrity: Are you trustworthy? Do you keep your word? People with integrity do their job with a moral imperative--being trustworthy and loyal. An employee with integrity can be trusted with trade secrets, recipes, money and other intellectual property. An employee with integrity has actions that line up with their promises. Make it a point to have integrity. If you have compromised your integrity in the past, a great way to establish it again is to embrace situations where your character can grow--volunteering at a local charity is a great start.

Customer Service

January 01, 2020

Have you ever experienced a challenging situation with a customer? Adversity requires the ability to problem solve, gain the skills you need to more towards a solution! Check out these tips!

Think Global--Act Local

January 01, 2020

This movie was a game changer for us. It propelled us into a new way of thinking--this movie is near and dear to our heart! Please watch it!

How to wash your hands!

January 01, 2020

Watch this less than two minute video on how to wash your hands according to CA Health Dept. requirements. 

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